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12th September, 2009

CMEP principal Antone Spiroc-tica is featured on the Horse and Country TV Show (Sky channel 280). You can see him taking an impression of an individual’s ear ready for manufacture of custom ear protection.

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CLA Game Fair

10th September, 2009

CMEP had an excellent three days at the CLA Game Fair at Belvoir Castle, with strong interest and orders for our custom ear protection devices specifically developed for shooting sports.

CMEP produces effective hearing protection for game, clay and all other shooting sports, with custom electronic noise suppressors which instantly protect the hearing from the loud gun fire, whilst providing low level amplification for quiet sounds.

Hearing is therefore fully protected, but the wearer does not feel isolated and can always hear safety calls or other instructions, and speak to others or on a mobile phone, without needing to remove the ear protection.

Furthermore, CMEP’s flexible ear pieces, custom made to fit the individual’s ear, are exceptionally comfortable, even for long periods of wear, and don’t get in the way when taking aim.

Act now to protect your hearing and be ready for the season ahead. Click the link to read more about CMEP’s custom hearing protection for shooting.

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Contact form now back on form

26th August, 2009

Many apologies. A glitch in our Contact form meant that we did not receive some messages sent last week.

If you sent us a message last week using our Contact from and have not heard from us, please send us a new message using our Contact form.

The glitch has been ironed out and we are now receiving all messages again.

We apologise for any inconvenience and look forward to hearing from you.

With thanks



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CMEP new website

6th August, 2009

Welcome to Custom Made Ear Protection’s new website. We are just in the process of building the site, so if we have not yet posted information you are looking for, please contact us directly using the Contact form. Many thanks.

We look forward to being of service for any hearing protection requirement.

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