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Established in 1995 by audiologist Antone Sprioc-tica, Custom Made Ear Protection (CMEP) specialises in providing personally moulded and vented earpieces that are:
Custom made to fit your environment – so they offer the protection you need
Custom made to fit your ear – so they are comfortable to wear, even for long periods
Protection you can rely on
At Custom Made Ear Protection we supply only the best protection from noise, because you only have one pair of ears.
Earpieces by Custom Made Ear Protection are manufactured to the highest standards using best quality materials to provide many years of effective service. They are supplied with a carrying case for safe storage and are easy to look after – simply wash regularly with mild hand soap and hot water.
You only have one pair of ears – do take care of them!
From our base in Dorchester in Dorset we are available throughout the country to consult directly with you. All our associates are qualified to British Society of Audiology Standards and carry appropriate certification.
We offer a no-wait, on-site impression and moulding service. Call us for more information and to make an appointment for a personal fitting, at home or work – whatever suits your schedule.
Custom Made Ear Protection
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At Custom Made Ear Protection (CMEP) we specialise in producing hearing protection devices designed to fit your ears and your hearing protection needs in every situation, including

  • Game, rifle and clay shooting
  • Noisy industrial environments (defenders certified to EN 352-2:2002)
  • Motorcycling – the high noise levels under motorcycle helmets
  • Swimming – preventing the ingress of water
  • Music – for musicians, clubbers and DJs, to hear the music but also protect your hearing

In addition we produce custom made ear plugs to let you enjoy a good night’s sleep, undisturbed by traffic, neighbours, or even a snoring partner.

sleeping soundly

Our custom made earpieces

  • Are anatomically moulded and vented to fit your ears, and fitted by a trained professional.
  • Are appropriate for a wide range of noise environments and can be modified by the use of filters to suit different noise conditions.
  • Reduce noise levels by up to 41 decibels.
  • Are silicone-based, making them soft, flexible and comfortable to wear.
  • Are available in a wide range of colour combinations.
  • Are available with handles indicating left and right for easy identification.
  • Last for years, proving inexpensive in the long term.

How we make your custom made ear protection

All our custom made ear protection products begin with taking an impression of the interior of each of your ears.

Taking an ear impression is the only part where you need to be present. The procedure is completely painless and takes just 10-15 minutes. See the full process here.

The ear impression

Ear impression, with foam otoblock still attached

At the end, we have perfect impressions of each of your ears, from which we can make the moulds and then the ear plugs or other protection devices that are comfortable to wear, highly effective and fit your ears perfectly. Read more here

Technical features

Our ear plugs, both filtered and solid, are certified to EN 353-2:2002. This meets the needs of industry, and the latest directives.

The acoustic filters attenuate all sounds going into the ear, particularly the mid-range (approximately 125-8000HZ). The through-hole in the earplug allows the wearer to still hear warning signals such as emergency services, and stops them becoming isolated from their surroundings and conversations.

The ear defender incorporates a central drilled channel in which filters are placed, which then allow pressure equalisation but prevents finite impedance to the passage of frequency sounds.

Choose electronic, digital or passive hearing defenders

We can also offer digital, electronic and passive hearing defenders, custom designed for different applications and noise levels.

Hearing protection to meet your needs

CMEP is dedicated to providing the individual solution that fits your ears and your hearing protection requirements.

For more information on any of our products, or to discuss your hearing protection needs, do call me, Antone Spiroc-tica at CMEP:

Tel: 01305 561917

Or to email, simply click the CONTACT US panel on the right

You have only one pair of ears – do take care of them!


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