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Custom Ear Protection for Musicians

Custom Hearing Protection for Musicians, DJs, Clubbers and Concert-goers

Can you need hearing protection when playing or listening to music?

Well, a single trumpet can reach up to 130dB instantanteously. Noise levels in clubs are said to range from 95 to 120 decibels which, compared to 110dB for a pneumatic drill, is way above the threshold at which ear protection is required in industry.

Sustained exposure to high levels of noise, even if that noise is music, can pose a serious threat to hearing.

Hearing protection

Do you ever experience a ringing in the ears, or a temporarily dulled hearing ability after concerts? These are signs that you have overloaded your hearing.

Protecting your hearing properly with custom ear protection will help you continue to enjoy music, whilst avoiding the irreversible problem of reduced hearing ability – or even loss of hearing.

Custom ear protection

Our earpieces fit discreetly in the ear and, because they are custom made to a mould of your own ears, they fit exactly and are comfortable to wear, even for long periods.

There is also a choice of digital, electronic or passive ear defenders to provide the level and type of hearing protection for your needs.

In-ear monitors for music appreciation

Custom moulded noise attenuation ear plugs from CMEP have been developed for musicians who need to protect their hearing, but not destroy the fidelity of their music.

The ear plugs incorporate an innovatory filter that reduces sound by a pre-determined amount in a level way so that the character of the original sound is preserved, with no loss of clarity. It is simply quieter.

Three different filters are availablethat reduce the sound by 9, 15 or 25dB. The filters are interchangeable, and both filters and ear moulds are available in a range of colours.

Digital monitors

In-ear digital sound monitors from CMEP provide exceptional defintion and tonal breadth, whilst protecting against high levels of ambient sound.

The CMEP custom ear moulds can also provide a customised earpiece solution for most types of off-the-shelf- earphones, providing an exceptional music-listening experience for MP3 players.

Available throughout the UK

We can meet with you anywhere in the UK for a fitting. All our associates are qualified to British Society of Audiology standards.

Longlasting ear protection

At Custom Made Ear Protection we use only highest quality materials for our hearing protection devices to ensure they provide long, problem-free service.

Our ear pieces are supplied with a carrying case and are easy to look after; simply wash regularly with mild hand soap and hot water. With proper care, Custom Made Ear Protection will last for years.

Contact us

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You only have one pair of ears – do take care of them!

Do you ever experience a ringing in the ears, a temporary dulled hearing ability or an intolerance to some loud sounds? These are warning signs that you have overloaded your hearing.
Protecting your hearing properly with custom ear protection will help you avoid an irreversible problem – reduced hearing ability or loss of hearing – that can’t be remedied.
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